Karl Thomas

Leading SMP Specialist

I was introduced to SMP 10 years ago, when hair loss and thinning were very apparent on my scalp. I looked at lots of solutions to fix this issue, from scalp sprays to a hair transplant, until a member of my family turned up to a Christmas function with a new hairline after losing his hair 16 years ago. When I questioned him about what procedure he went through to give him this fresh, buzzed look, he replied SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation).

I was amazed at how real this procedure looked. It was impossible to tell that it wasn’t his hair. Any thoughts of having any other procedure other than SMP went out of the window, and within a week, I booked in for my first of three SMP sessions. The end result was that I had my confidence and self-esteem back. The days of hiding my scalp with a hat were long gone.

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